The Brainiacs Quiz:
For those fascinated by the the Brain

Welcome to my Quiz. I created this quiz for a couple of reasons:

1) It's meant to be fun -- Kind of like discovering your Brain IQ, but where no level of understanding is "bad"

2) It will help you know where to start on my website and other offerings to learn more about the Brain.

Have fun!
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Glad you’re here! You’re starting from scratch, sorting the myths from the facts and getting to know that miraculous part of you called the brain. Best to start with how to best Care For and Feed Your Brain for optimal performance.

For example, did you know your brain needs nature to stay healthy?

Walking in a natural area (high-traffic city streets don't count) leads to brain changes of less anxiety and depression, seeing natural growth while in hospital leads to quicker recovery, spending time in nature makes us more caring, reduces pain...the list goes on.

Why? -- That's the next level of The Way of the Brain ;-). For now, get out there and spend some time in Nature.
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You're curious about the brain and you pay attention when it's mentioned. You've absorbed some of the most common knowledge about the brain's parts and how they interact. You're ready to step up your The Way of the Brain status and learn about the Plastic Brain!

For example... Your brain's abilities are shaped by what you ask it to do. Want better attention and focus? Then ask your brain to focus by practicing that: read for 30 minutes; meditate; move away from the phone and the computer...

You're well on the way to a deeper understanding of the brain. You probably read articles in magazines and on-line about how brains learn and change and are fascinated by newer findings about brain plasticity. You are ready to  go beyond what others are just now learning and understand the The Way of the Brain at the highest level by learning about the Self-Regulating, Self-Evolving brain!

For example, people talk and think about the brain as if it were operating in a closed, airtight box of the skull. But it’s not...because of the nature of our dynamical, plastic, responsive brain, it is adapting to everything we come in contact with, depending on how urgent or sustained that contact is.

What are you exposing yourself to day in and day out? Is that working for you? Is there a Brain-Habit you need to change?

Wow -- you are in the elite group of those with an understanding of The Way of the Brain that understand the complexity of the brain as a brain~body system. You are likely fascinated by the brain and hungry for learning more about how the underlying principles of how your brain works can be used as a Rosetta Stone for living your life. I'd be honoured to be your Guide into this next level of Brainiac-wisdom!

As a thank you for your interest, I'd like to give you a sneak peek into my upcoing book The Way of the Brain. I'd love to hear what you think... Do you want more?